Growing Real Food for Conscious People

Volta Presentation Farms is a disruptive farm in Ghana, West Africa, nestled on the majestic Volta River, the largest man-made lake in the world; a place where nature meets rustic countryside.

We are a chemical-free certified organic farm on a few hundreds of acres of land bursting with rich beneficial medicinal and tropical plants, herbs, pesticide-free fruits, and plenty of ingredients to support the production needs of our partners and collaborators spanning across a vast number of industries supporting wellness globally.

Abundance of wild vegetation seals the deal!

We started our journey in 2011, when we decided to challenge nature to give us all she has. We have been leading Ghana’s farming practice in natural farming back to a place where we can grow natural beneficial plants free from anti-environmental chemicals and stopping unsustainable methods.

We have spent years growing our global community from the heart of Africa, and today, we are just as committed as ever to growing healthy organic medicinal herbs and superfood plants that can feed the world. We are passionate about maintaining the purity of nature from farm to fork. With Volta Presentation, you always know where your food comes from.